Here are my projects. These are all free. I ask if you find any bugs to please email me at and I will corrected them.

You might notice a lot of Tetris games. I use Tetris as a way of learning how to program. It is a simple program and allows you to understand the basics for program on any given OS. Plus I really like the game Tetris

Old Projects

I found a puzzle when cleaning my room, so I decide to make it into a program.  It is currently at V1.3b have a few more bugs to remove before it can lose the b. Check the Puzzle Project page for more details Download it
Download the Source
Puzzle Project Page
Bad AI Screensaver - Just put a few projects together into a screensaver. It is complete but there is a few performance improvments I still have to make Download it 57kb
no Screen Shot yet Plan make a DirectX game. Learn a bit about DirectX Programing. Problem Direct X is slow. I have put this on hold untill I can figer out a way to get better performance out of DX. What has been do so far. Have made a basic AI and got a very basic Direct X Shell. Check the Project page for more details. There is also some downloads available there to. Tetris Extreme Project Page
A text based Tetris I use it to make a graphical Tetris. It can be changed really very easy. When I started this It was take 30 mins to complie so I learnd to make lots of changes with very little mistakes. Took a few days Download it 199kb
This is a great Tetris game it took me only a few days to make it. It started out as the text based game above. Then I Made a few changes and added some graphics and came up with this. Download it 275kb
This is the same as the Tetris game above but it has been changed to use a CD for its music instead of the using Midi's. I just got a CD Burner and wanted to try the data and music on the same CD like warcraft did. Download it 243kb
This is my remake of Space Invaders. It isn't finished and never will be. I made it for a high school project and ran out of time. Got to try out some new stuff in the game that I never had to do in tetris. Download it 337kb